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Stroke Through a Mother's Eyes: The First Year
By:Felicia Zera Kalapos
Published on 2018-01-11 by Mill City Press, Incorporated

Shortly before the stroke of midnight announcing the next day, 9/11/13, the phone rang. The caller was frantically crying that his wife fell, something bad had happened, and she was just being carried to an ambulance. How bad could a fall out of bed be for a healthy, 32-year-old wife, mother, runner, and attorney who had recently given birth to her third child? Within a few hours, a word emerged that has affected not only her life, but all who are in her life - STROKE! A large, potentially fatal STROKE. In the U.S., strokes occur about once every forty seconds, and with stroke ranking #5 among all causes of death, someone dies about every four minutes from a stroke. It is the leading cause of serious long-term disability in the U.S. Even still, how could this happen to someone so young, healthy, and vibrant? The author, Felicia Zera Kalapos, recorded her daughter's story in a journal beginning on the harrowing night of the stroke with the struggles to keep her alive, continuing through the first year of her life following the stroke. She has masterfully turned her journal into Stroke Through A Mother's Eyes The First Year, a compelling book. Through the author's eyes, the reader sees the effects the stroke has had on so many people, especially upon the author herself. This stroke survivor's road to recovery from the paralysis, apraxia, and aphasia she suffered, while attending to the needs of her young family, is only one aspect of her inspiring real-life story. Come on this amazing journey and follow this courageous woman and her family through her typical and atypical days working to recover what had been taken so suddenly from her by the STROKE.

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