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Anthropological fieldwork poses certain common problems for every researcher. These problems become exaggerated for indigenous female students who face specific difficulties. This paper is an autobiographical account of the impact of fieldwork in two Pakistani villages upon the personal life of a young unmarried Muslim woman. It relates the familial opposition she had to face and how she managed to appease it. The role of the supervisor in providing moral support as well as practical advice is emphasized. Identity conflicts in being simultaneously a research student, a daughter of an orthodox Muslim family, a village resident, and a university teacher are outlined. The strategies adopted for overcoming villagers' hostilities and securing their cooperation (if never complete acceptance) are discussed, in the hope that this may help the growing number of female anthropologists in particular, Muslims in Pakistan and elsewhere who study their own cultures. The paper concludes by suggesting that such fieldwork, though extremely stressful, constitutes an invaluable experience for indigenous female researchers.

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