Book Weaving Truth

Weaving Truth
By:Ann Bergren
Published on 2008 by Harvard Univ Center for Hellenic

|What if truth were a woman?| asked Nietzsche. In ancient Greek thought, truth in language has a special relation to the female by virtue of her pre-eminent art-form--the one Freud believed was even invented by women--weaving. The essays in this book explore the implications of this nexus: language, the female, weaving, and the construction of truth. The Homeric bard--male, to be sure--inherits from Indo-European culture the designation of his poetry as a weaving, the female's art. Like her tapestries, his |texts| can suspend, reverse, and re-order time. He can weave the content from one world into the interstices of another. The male poet shares the ambiguous power of the female Muses whose speech he channels. |We can say false things like to real things, and whenever we wish, we can utter the truth.|

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